Bliss – 5 Years In The Making!

Over the last half a decade the shop has changed quite alot, we hope you are all happy with the results …








Bliss springing back into action for 2014!

Some pictures of us giving the place a freshen up, ready for another season serving up some epic ice creams to all of you fine fellows.

Our chief painter working her magic with a paintbrush. 20140326-081825.jpg

The Bliss fascia up close and personal!20140326-081851.jpg

Come find us in Cowes on Bath Road, just up from the beautiful parade.20140326-081940.jpg

The new breakfast bar in construction.20140326-082021.jpg

Said breakfast bar, finished and looking grand 🙂20140326-082104.jpg

Hello? Mr. Ice Cream Truck Man? Is that you?

Kemary Chan

Photo by Dean Terry / CC BY

As kids we used to play outside all the time until the street lights came on. We would jump rope, hopscotch, ride our bikes, catch bugs, and play in mud. I would have a couple of dollars on me just in case the ice cream truck drove by. Whenever it did come around we would flag down the truck and flock up to the window. My favorite was always the Mickey Mouse ice cream bar.

Where have all the ice cream trucks gone? Is it just my neighborhood? My town? The reason why I’m doing this post is while I was riding my bike in the neighborhood a couple of days ago I heard the rare sound of an ice cream truck. There were no kids outside, and mind you it was a beautiful day!

Have video games and mobile devices replaced the…

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